V-Band Adapter (Cast Stainless) for Garrett T25 5 Bolt Turbine Housing GT25, GT28/GTX28, GTX29, GT30/GTX30

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Cast stainless steel 3" V-band adapter for Garrett Turbine Housings with T25 Inlet and GT 5 Bolt Outlet. Compatible with SR20DET.

Offers a smooth and high flowing transition from the 5 bolt outlet to a 3" V-Band!

** NOT Compatible with Garrett T3 inlet, internally gated, and 5 bolt outlet turbine housings.

* Cast 304 Stainless Steel
* Overall height 2.5"
* V-band flange 3" inner diameter and 3.75" outer diameter
* V-band flange height 0.25"
* 5 bolt GT flange height 0.5"