Type R exhaust tailpipe finisher Universal (Weld-on)

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Exhaust tailpipe finisher for Universal application, Weld on Tip exhaust with 2.5" diameter weld on tube for most of OEM and aftermarket weld on application.
  • Material: Full Titanium #1
  • Tip base: Stainless steel (stainless weldable)
  • Pipe Diameter (mm): 63
  • Tailpipe Diameter (mm): 100
  • Tailpipe option: Type R
  • Design: Straight cut, Single layer tube, Ti-Burn end
  • Weld-on 2.5" Outlet with 30-35mm length pipe for easy weld-on or fabrication application (Universal with Stainless weld applicable)
  • Revert-on option for EXOTICSPEED exhaust replacement.
  • What is in the box: Tail pipe , Promotional