Turbine Housing, Garrett Non-SFI Stainless V-band inlet and outlet, GT55XX or GTX55, 1.24 A/R

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Product Description:

Garrett Non-SFI approved stainless steel v-band inlet and outlet 1.24 A/R turbine housing for GT55 and GTX55 series turbochargers.

Garrett GTX55 stainless steel turbine housings are designed to provide racing enthusiasts optimal turbine flow and safety for high horsepower applications. Two 3/8", Grade 5, cross bolts are installed perpendicular to each other in the turbine housing outlet to prevent material escape in the event of a catastrophic failure. This provides crew members, spectators, and drivers an additional level of safety no other turbocharger manufacturer offers as a standard feature on non SFI certified housings.

Product Features:

  • 1.24 A/R and 1.40 A/R options
  • 3/8" Grade 5 cross bolts on both SFI and non SFI housings
  • Threaded bosses for attachment points
  • 4.25" V-band inlet
  • 5" V-band outlet
  • Compatible with GTX5533R Gen I & Gen II GTX5544R

Garrett Part Number:

  • 7761208-0062