Super-Titanium EXHAUST - Ferrari 458 Italia / Spider 2010-ON

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The Super lightweight fully titanium EXOTICSPEED Super Titanium exhaust system complements the Bolt on muffler and tailpipes with 200 cpsi sports catalytic convertors that guarantee an increase in power and torque, as do the newly developed and optimized Cat-back system. However, the real plus of this system is the weight reduction, while it maintains the original layout and functionality. the weight reduction in the area behind the engine and the rear axle, the weight savings enhance the handling and central gravity. The sound impression in this configuration is somewhat more voluminous and with opened and more aggressive than in the stock exhaust.

Based on the experience gathered with the motorsport and track racing programmes, EXOTICSPEED was able to meet the strict requirements for the exhaust system. While a standard muffler in the automotive industry is built in automated processes, the approach to create the titanium muffler.

Depending on the exhaust temperatures a single component is exposed, a specific grade of aerospace-titanium alloy is chosen to make the parts  durable at highest temperatures.
Precise TIG welding process ensures the reliability of the connections and joints.

To create the distinctive elliptical shape of the Super titanium muffler, Many parts with complex geometries and critical sections are hydro-formed, rendering welding in certain areas unnecessary, therefore improving reliability, as "no-welding, is the best welding".

EXOTICSPEED Super titanium tubes and interiors are then assembled by hand to become the final muffler.  Only a handful of the best welders in the industry are capable of creating these masterpieces. The assembled muffler is polished before it is given the signature dark blue shine. To achieve this, a  heat treatment  process is required. 

Only the combination of exact temperature and exposure to heat will result in the required colour.  After the signature has been hand polished, the parts are ready for the final assembly on the jig, again, by hand. Once assembled, the complete exhaust assembly weights less and stands as an automotive piece of art by itself.


Ferrari 458 Italia / Spider model 2010-ON

  • Full System Weight (lbs): 13
  • Muffler Weight (lbs) : 5.3R / 5.4L
  • Exhaust Tip Style: Rolled-End
  • Exhaust Tip Diameter (mm): 90 L/R 80 C
  • Primary Pipe Diameter (mm): 45 to 60
  • Vacuum Valve Controller: Included
  • Material: Aerospace Grade Full Titanium (By Nippon Steel Japan)

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Important Note:

When installing optional EXOTICSPEED Sports catalytic converters or without catalytic converters, which are developed for use on closed tracks only, remapping the ECU is mandatory. When installing EXOTICSPEED aftermarket exhaust system that was developed for use on closed tracks, we recommend remapping the ECU in order to prevent potential "check engine light" warning signals. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT MEET EMISSION COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR STREET OR HIGHWAY USE.