Rear Coolant Line Kit for GT/GTX Turbo on Evo X (and Evo 8 / Evo 9) Coolant Hose

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Coolant (rear) line assembly for a Garrett GT or GTX series upgrade turbo on the Evo X (and Evo 8 / Evo 9). An excellent rear coolant line solution for custom Evo X (and Evo 8 or Evo 9) turbo kits utilizing a Garrett GT or GTX turbo!

** Also, a replacement solution for the rear coolant hardline within the Garrett GT and GTX stock location Evo X turbo kits. **

Includes one -6AN steel braided coolant line with a banjo bolt for Garrett GT/GTX turbochargers. Includes slip fit rubber adapter and attachment clamps to the stock coolant source. NOTE: Also fits opposite side coolant port on the turbo, but requires slightly longer slip fit rubber slip adapter to the engine.

* (1 unit) -6AN Steel braided line
* (1 unit) Banjo fitting for Garrett GT or GTX series turbo
* (1 unit) Banjo bolt for Garrett GT or GTX series turbo
* (4 units) Crush washers for banjo bolt for Garrett GT or GTX series turbo
* (1 unit) Slip fit rubber adapter, compatible with stock coolant source
* (2 units) Clamps to secure rubber adapter to the stock coolant source

* Compatible with Garrett GT25, GT28, GTX28, GT30, GTX30, GT35, and GTX35 series turbochargers
* Coolant line solution for the rear port on the turbo, closest to the engine.