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GReddy Sports OX Oil Filters


GReddy Sports OX Oil Filters use “double pleats” folding technology on the inner filter to provide a maximum filtration surface for contaminant removal. It is also very durable and easily removed. Ideal for GReddy Oil, Oil Coolers, and Oil Filter Relocation kits

Item: Oil Filter
Type: GReddy, Toyota 4AG-3SG, Nissan SR20 (red)
3/4-16UNF, Dia. 65mm, H75mm
Part #: 13901101

3/4-16UNF, Dia. 74mm, H85mm
Part #: 13901102

Item: Oil Filter
Type: GReddy, Toy 4AG-3SG / Nis RB
3/4-16UNF, Dia. 65mm, H90mm
Part #: 13901103

Item: Oil Filter
Type: Nis VQ-SR(blk) / Maz BP-13B / Hon ZC-B series / Sub EJ-FA20
M20xP1.5, Dia. 68mm, H65mm
Part #: 13901104

Item: Oil Filter
Type: Honda ZC-B20 / Mitsubishi 4G63-6A12 / Mazda K8-FS    
M20-P1.5, Dia. 65mm, H75mm
Part #: 13901105


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  • Warranty: One year
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