Manifold, 1.8T Transverse, HighFlow stock location, Golf/Jetta/Beetle/Leon/TT FWD

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Exhaust manifold, High flow cast tubular Manifold, stock location mounted turbo on transverse mounted 1.8T engine found on 1998 to 2005 FWD 1.8T engines Compatible with all K03, K04, and stock location mounted Eliminator Series GT2X, GTRS, GT28R, GT2871R. NOT compatible with Quattro cars such at 225TT, 225HP Audi S3 and Cupra ** Includes, all new nuts, bolts, and the new gasket shown for easy installation. Benefits of this upgrade: The replacement manifold is also built to flow much much better than the stock unit. Overall flow has been improved more than 50% and virtually ALL of the restrictions built into the stock unit has been removed in this replacement design, resulting in more HP and torque. The additional benefit of using this high flow, thicker wall, cast unit over the stock unit is the ability to improve breathing at the exhaust ports as well as providing the necessary exhaust volume to maintain high boost/high RPM operation. The free flowing design also helps keep the EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) and subsequently engine temps down to allow more timing and less detonation.