Intercooler Upgrade Kit, Garrett PN 870702-6001,Ford Raptor 3.5L Ecoboost Turbo, 2017+

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Product Description

Garrett® high density core intercooler upgrade for the 2017+ Ford Raptor 3.5L Ecoboost Turbo. Direct replacement, stock location unit. Supports 750HP.

The Garrett® direct fit F150 and F150 Raptor performance charge air cooler boasts an 83% larger core than stock to provide an estimated 25 degree Fahrenheit reduction in air temperature and a 30% reduction in pressure drop. Optimized end tanks improve air flow through the core by improving turbulent design features found in the stock unit. This direct fit performance intercooler installs in 2 hours and can support up to 750 horsepower all while reusing the stock bolts, hoses, and clamps.

    • Cast aluminum end tanks
    • Advanced offset fin design
    • TIG welded for improved strength
    • Vacuum brazed bar-and-plate design
    • 83% larger aluminum intercooler core
    • Up to 25 degree reduction in charge air temp
  • Applicable Garrett Part Number
    • 870702-6001