HKS OB-Link Type-FA20

HKS OB-Link Type-FA20

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Special OB-LINK exclusively designed for 86/BRZ based on TYPE-001.


Special Functions Available Only for Type-FA20 

Coupler-on Device

TYPE-001 requires initial setup, but TYPE-FA20 has preset data.  Just connect the unit to the OBDⅡ connector and complete Bluetooth pairing with a smart phone/tablet PC before use.


More Data Extractable

Addition to the data extractable by OB-LINK TYPE-001, the following performance-oriented data can be indicated:

・Engine Load
・Battery Voltage
・Fuel Pressure

・CAT Temperature

・EGT Sensor
・Outside Air Temperature

・Left/right G
・Front/rear G
・Brake (tread)

・Yaw rate