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HKS Hybrid Sports Oil Filter 68mm UNF 3/4-16


The HKS Hybrid Sports Oil Filter improves oil pressure drop and flow properties by approximately 30% compared to current aftermarket sports oil filters.
Most aftermarket sports oil filters assume the use of high viscosity oil; therefore, filter paper strength is prioritized while sacrificing absolute pressure loss properties. HKS Hybrid Sports Oil Filter has readdressed filter strength and overall structure to provide the oil flow that the engine requires and to pursue the HKS ideals in what is required from a sports oil filter.

HKS Oil Filters - NISSAN 180SX RPS13 1991-1998
HKS Oil Filters - Nissan and Toyota
HKS Oil Filters - NISSAN Silvia PS13 1991-1993
HKS Oil Filters - TOYOTA Corolla 1985-1987
HKS Oil Filters - TOYOTA MR-2 1991-1995


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