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HKS GT Full Turbo Kit Upgrade (11003-AN013) GT1000 Full Turbo

Boost Pressure: 88.3kPa (0.9kgf/cm2), Turbo Size: GT II 7867 & GT II 7867R

Capable of 1000 horsepower with supporting components the HKS GT1000 upgrade remains one of the most popular choices for those searching for more performance from their GT-R

Kit Features

  • Twin GT II 7867 Turbochargers
  • Reliable heat resistant exhaust manifold castings
  • HKS GT II 50mm wastegates
  • SUS 304 front pipe
  • Polished 70mm suction pipes

Precautions and Installation Notes

  • Removal of engine is required for installation
  • Fuel pump, injectors, and engine management are not included
  • Factory wastegate settings are 90 to 100 kpa
  • Stock coolant pipe requires modification
  • Stock Turbo heat insulator requires modification
  • Kit eliminates catalyzer
  • Off road use only

R35 Full Turbine Upgrade Kit Comparison

Kit  Power Level Torque Boost level
GT1000 Racing Spec 1012ps at 7450 RPM 120.7kg-m at 3990 RPM 200 kPa
GT800+ Racing Spec 859ps at 6820 RPM 103.9kg-m at 3950 RPM 165-155 kPa
GT800 Racing Spec 804ps at 6790 RPM 98.7kg-m at 3850 RPM 165-155 kPa