HKS Circuit Attack Counter

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Circuit Attack Counter   
"Circuit Attack Counter" can display necessary information in real time. It is equipped with functions necessary for circuit driving and displays necessary information on time.
Automatic Lap Timing (Auto Mode)
    Lap time is measured by sensing the magnet built into the track.
    Split lap time can be measured and displayed by plural magnet sensors on a track.
    Lap time is shown by unit of 1/100 second.
Manual Lap Timing (Manual Mode)
    On a track without built-in magnet(s), lap time is measured manually by pressing "SET" button.
Display Function
    Real-time Lap time and car speed (real-time speed or top speed) and fastest lap time are displayed.
    At tracks equipped with plural magnets, real-time lap time and speed (real-time speed or top speed) and split lap time are displayed.
Memory Function
    Memory for total 99 laps of lap time and top speed.
    Both split lap time and lap time can be memorized.
Data Edit Function
    Measured data can be sorted from fastest lap time.
    Data can be deleted by individual data or all data. Only unnecessary data can be deleted.
Automatic lap time measuring instrument "HKS Circuit Attack Counter".
Originally, the previous lap time can be displayed until passing over the control line; as a new function, the display time of the previous lap time can be selected from for 3, 5, 10, or 15 seconds. (These display time selection is available from the product with the serial number CAC05301 or later.)
* After the set time, current lap time is displayed.
Speed Limiter Cancellation Function (SLD Function)
    Speed limiter cancellation function for manual transmission cars (2 or 4 pulses). Check the application with the link below.
Stop Watch Function
    Stop watch function up to 9 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds
    Driving range measurement up to 1,000km
    Speed display
Wide Input Pulse Range (2 - 25 Pulse)
    Input pulse range is between 2 and 25 pulse; so it compatible with a wider range of vehicles.
    (Serial No .03500 or later.)
- Magnet Sensor (Waterproof)
- Display Unit
- Speed Signal Connection Harness
- In-vehicle Power Port Plug