HKS 71007-AK003 Super SQV3D Blow-off Valve for Diesel Application (71007-AK003)

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Blow Off Valve uses a unique sequential valve structure and a differential pressure control system which allows for a broad operating range from low boost to high boost. Its Pull-Type relief design ensures stable operation regardless of the amount of boost pressure. The Super SQV will support new generations of turbocharged vehicles. Features The newly designed SSQV3D uses a "boost drive controller" for positive boost operation. This new system can be used on vehicles which have no vacuum signal such as diesel engines as well as conventional turbo vehicles by wiring into the accelerator pedal position or throttle sensor signal at the ECU. An on/off switch allows the SQV to be switched on or off at any time. A trigger switch can also allow the activation of the SQV on demand. Please Note: This item is not vehicle specific