High Flow 3" Turbo Inlet Pipe Kit for Mazdaspeed 6

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High flow 3" inlet pipe kit for MS6 (Mazdaspeed6) turbo engine. The turbo inlet pipe is the most critical area in the entire intake tract. Many companies make "intake" kits that replace the airbox only or the pre-airbox tube, but fail to address the inlet pipe attached directly to the turbo compressor inlet, which is often the bottleneck of the entire intake system. A compromised inlet pipe can hold back the entire turbo system from making power to full potential. Examine the molded factory plastic piece and you will find major flow impediments including a small diameter entry leading into a severely pinched shape flowpath. The flow is convoluted to say the least and net flow volume is less than desirable. Our replacement piece which was built to handle the flow requirements of the big Garrett turbo upgrade, is built out of 3" stainless material, formed with smooth transitions and then TIG welded to achieve a more desirable flowpath and accomdates much more volume. The unit can also be ordered with the proper transition coupler to fit the stock turbo and unleash more power from it. Includes all parts from turbo inlet to airbox. Specify Garrett 4" inlet or stock turbo 2" inlet.