GT-SUS Air Filter (Full Stainless) H110mm x W160mm

GT-SUS Air Filter (Full Stainless) H110mm x W160mm

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Available for universal applications, the unique design.

The best selling EXOTICSPEED Induction filter kit is easily recognizable by it’s striking stainless steel mesh design.

Made from a very fine mesh of SUS304 grade stainless steel it straightens the airflow into the engine reducing aerodynamic tumble, resulting in great power gains and a unique induction sound which identifies it as a EXOTICSPEED GT-SUS filter.

The EXOTICSPEED GT-SUS power is also a dry filter and can be cleaned at normal service intervals using Air Intake Cleaner.

Width: 160mm / 6.3"
Height: 110mm / 4.3"
Neck size option (mm): 89 / 100 (Black only) / 114
Neck size option (Inch): 3.5" / 4.0" (Black only) / 4.5"
Color option: Blue / Black / Orange