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GReddy Universal Breather Tank (Updated model)


Designed originally for racing engines, today’s compact production engines can also benefit from the used of GReddy’s Radiator Bleed Tank.  The air in the radiator causes over heating. The GReddy Breather Tank removes the air in cooling system. By the fuid swirl in the tank, Breather Tanks separate coolant from the air and will contribute to the radiator’s efficentcy. Block-off radiator cap included. New model now works for most Japanese vehicles.

 Breather Tank
 Updated Version
  - Now one model works with most Japanese vehicles.
supersedes previous part numbers 12400903 & 12400905
Includes to both a Type-S (most Nis, Sub, Maz, some Toy, Mit)
and Type-N (most Hon, many Toy, Scion) Seal Cap for the radiator
Breather Tank includes a Type-S 1.3kg/cm2 high pressure radiator cap
Also provided: 2m of 8mm dia. Clear Sillicone hose, hose clamps, mounting bracket, nuts, bolts, and optional hose fitting, plug and cap.
use w/ Water Sensor Adapter (30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40mm) for lower radiator hose (not included) installation


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  • Warranty: One year
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