GReddy Turbo Gasket TD04H / TZ Actuator Style TD04H / TZ Turbo Inlet Gasket

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GReddy exclusively uses GReddy Spec. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan Turbochargers, many of which are unique to us, including the popular 18G’s, compact TZ line and large hybrid T-power Turbos. It is well known, Mitsubishi turbochargers are among the highest quality turbos in the industry today. They utilize a durable center cartage, an extra large free-floating bushing with a large diameter center shaft. We believe this design to be superior to all other standard bushing turbos as well as many ball bearing types.

Item: Turbo Gasket
Type: TD04H / TZ
Size: Actuator Style

Multi-ply metal GReddy Turbo Inlet Gasket for Actuator (Intergral Wastegate) TD04H, T517Z, T518Z, T618Z, T620Z Turbochargers
(excludes WRX T518Z application)  4-bolt pattern

Part #: 11900123