GReddy Supreme SP Exhaust Honda Civic Si 2006-11

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The legacy of the GReddy SP lives on with GReddy’s best version yet, the Supreme SP and to prove it carries a limited lifetime warranty! From the 1st flange to the new double-wall GReddy Tip, each Supreme SP system features a high-quality, hand Tig-weld 304 stainless-steel outer construction. Within the muffler, new straight-through and directed- straight-though chambered muffler designs allow GReddy to engineer a more refine exhaust note while increasing exhaust flow and performance. Classic GReddy street performance styling is maintained with excellent fitment and a stylish exhaust system layout. The Supreme SP not only designed to perform and sound great for each specific application; it matches the vehicle’s body-lines and styling. 

Car Make: Honda

Car Model: Civic Si

Car Year: 2006-11

Notes: The Supreme SP for ever-popular (FG) Civic Si coupe embraces the classic GReddy Civic styling that has made the SP line so popular over the years. Stand out features of this latest version include: larger diameter 63.5mm (2.5”) piping, updated resonator, improved muffler section, and our new limited lifetime warranty. Like all GReddy exhausts, it’s the ideal combination of fitment, styling, performance and deep exhaust note, that sets it apart from the competitors. It is also designed to be compatible with both Si models; coupe and sedan (using the optional 11050104 adapter.) Each GReddy Supreme SP system is a fully hand-welded 304 Stainless-steel exhaust.


Models: Si Coupe, Si Sedan-use with 11050104*

Chassis:  FG2

Engine:  K20

Type:   Cat-back exhaust

Number of pieces:  3pcs

Piping:   63.5 mm (2.5 ")

Tip:   102 mm (4.0 ")

Gasket(s):    2.5 " oval (qty: 2 included) replacement

Resonator:   Yes

Weight:  27.5 lbs   (Stock weight  27.3 lbs)

Sound level:  90 dB(a) 

HP:  +5  hp

TRQ:  +3  ft-lbs

*Data collected on stock vehicle    *Retains catalytic convertor, front pipe    

*TBA = To Be Announced

Part #: 10158208