GReddy spark plugs ISO 6 Iridium Tune

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GReddy Spark Plugs are designed in cooler heat ranges to reduce heat and chances of pre-ignition. The reason it is so durable is the very fine, 0.6mm dia. Iridium electrode. Iridium Tune Spark Plugs are ideal for low to medium tuned engines, factory turbocharged engines or bolt on turbo kit equipped vehicles. PRO Iridium Plugs add a Platinum ground electrode ensure even longer life in even the most extreme driving conditions. The Pro Plugs are geared toward high horsepower, higher boost applications and extra long life.

Item: Spark Plug
Type: ISO 6

0.6mm Iridium Center Electrode

ideal for low to medium tuned engines

ISO - (International Standards Organization) 50.5mm (1.98")

(larger the number the colder the heat range)

Part #: 13000076