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GReddy Nissan GTR 2009-on RX Billet Throttle KIt


GReddy Intake Plenums are designed to maximize performance in highly tuned engines. The fine cast-aluminum intake manifolds allow for large volumes of air to get evenly distributed to the cylinders. To achieve the most form larger turbochargers at higher boost levels, a smooth flowing GReddy Intake manifold is a must.

Car Make: Nissan
Engine: GTR
Chassis Code: 2009-on

(R35) VR38DETT
RX big bore billet throttle bodies
Use factory electronic throttle body components
75mm mounting dia., 68mm butterfly dia., 70mm plenum dia.
Anodized Aluminum finish
*special gasket included
**drive by wire motor, accessories & sensors not included (uses OEM)
***Must purchase 80-70mm silicone hose reducers  (x2) and hose clamps (x4) if using in conjunction with GReddy RX Intake Manifold Spl Piping Kit, part# 13920401
Use with GReddy RX Intake Manifold p/n 13522330


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  • Warranty: One year
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