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GReddy Boost Solenoid Valve Hose Fittings Replacement for Profec E-01, B spec II, Type S Solenoid Valve


 The new PRofec is compact, powerful and easy to use. The large OLED Display, with the simple two-button / rotary-dial control, make for intuitive operation. An ultra slim controller can display in digital, bar-graph, or graphical modes and can be rotated 180 degree for installation with the included adjustable mount or flush mounted. By separating the display and control unit in the driver’s compartment, from the engine compartment-mounted, waterproof, sensor unit, it makes installation straightforward. Only one thin harness is required to be routed through the firewall. The combination of the new 300kPa (43.5psi) integrated pressure sensor, the more compact solenoid valve and faster ECU processer, provide quicker response and the most stable boost curves yet. The PRofec also maintains popular features like, Lo, Hi, Scramble boost presets, last-boost display, peak-hold recall, warning alert and safety limiter. The next evolution of the GReddy PRofec line of electronic boost controllers is here!

Item: Boost Solenoid Valve Hose Fittings
Type: Replacement

Replacement Boost Solenoid Valve Fittings

11900645 Hose Fitting: 1/8"PT threads / 5mm dia. nipple $6.00
11900648 Hose Fitting: 1/8"PT threads / 6mm dia. nipple $6.00
11900651 Hose Fitting: 1/8"PT threads / 8mm dia. nipple $6.00
11900653 Hose Fitting: 1/8"PT threads / 10mm dia. nipple $6.00

also avaiable metal hose extensions fittings:

11900640 Hose Fitting Extension 5mm - 5mm dia. nipple $6.00
11900644 Hose Fitting Extension 5mm - 6mm dia. nipple $6.00
11900641 Hose Fitting Extension 5mm - 8mm dia. nipple $6.00
11900649 Hose Fitting Extension 6mm - 8mm dia. nipple $6.00
Part #: 119006__


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  • Warranty: One year
$6.00 USD
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