Garrett Turbine Housing T3 undivided inlet ; 2.5" 4 bolt outlet

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T3 inlet turbine housing with 4 bolt 2.5" discharge outlet,This is the alternate T3 housing with the narrower 4 bolt pattern and NOT the standard "GT 4 bolt" housing where the exhaust flange bolt spacing is 3" and has a longer tapered discharge on the downpipe side.

Available in:

  • T04S/T04R/T04Z/T67 P Trim
  • T31 Stage III 76 Trim
  • T350 Stage V
  • GT/GTX3071R with 60mm turbine wheel
  • GT/GTX3076R with 60mm turbine wheel
  • GT/GTX3082R with 60mm turbine wheel
  • GT/GTX35R (GT3582R) with 68mm turbine wheel
  • GT3071R-WG/GT3076R-WG 56.5mm 84 Trim
  • GT3071R-WG/GT3076R-WG 56.5mm 90 Trim