Garrett S.S. V-Band Inlet/Outlet Turbine Housing for GTX84RS

  • $431.37 USD
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Garrett stainless steel v-band inlet, v-band outlet, and .83/1.01/1.21 A/R turbine housings for the Garrett GTX84RS. NEW and evolutionary design to support higher flow capacity within a significantly compact package! Constructed from stainless steel material for added strength and reduced weight!

The Garrett turbine housing includes a large bore inner diameter inlet (turbine entry) to support significantly higher flow capacity within a compact package.

** NOT compatible with Garrett GT35, GTX35, or GEN2 GTX35 series models. **

  • (1 unit) Garrett stainless steel, V-band inlet and v-band outlet turbine housing
  • (1 unit) Inlet clamp
  • (1 unit) Outlet clamp
  • (1 unit) CHRA to turbine housing clamp and bolt kit

  • NOT compatible with the Garrett GT3582R, GTX3576R, GTX3582R, GEN2 GTX3576R, or GEN2 GTX3582R
  • The large bore turbine entry inner diameter supports increase flow. As a result the turbine housing is NOT compatible with existing TiAL housing setups