Garrett 923586-0002 Turbo Speed/Boost Module Kit(w/Threaded Sensor GTX Gen2 28/30/35) G-SMART/GSMART

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Product Description:
Garrett 923586-0002, Turbo Speed / Boost Module Kit (Module, Harness, WITH Threaded Turbo Speed Sensor - small frame GTX Gen II 28, 30, 35 | Large Frame GTX Gen1 and other Custom Install) G-SMART / GSMART
*Smart phone pictured is for demonstration purposes only and is not included*

Product Features:
  • Bluetooth operation transmits data from the module to the G-Smart application
  • Modern display with live turbo speed and boost pressure (if connected) readings
  • Gauge sweep will transition color (G,Y,R) signaling the approach to max-rated turbo speed
  • Marker on gauge sweep indicates peak turbo speed
  • Display up to 120 seconds of turbo speed and boost data in easy-to-view graphical format
  • Compatibility with both Android and iOS devices
  • Easy installation and configuration with preset Garrett models and part numbers
  • Create custom configurations for Garrett turbochargers without pre-machined speed sensor port or non-Garrett manufactured turbochargers
  • Min/Max Turbo speed and boost pressure stored in app for future analysis
It’s more than a gauge. Use real time data to optimize your turbo system
Easy to use Bluetooth connection via Smart Phone
Garrett Part Number:
  • 923586-0002