Flange Stainless V-band, 5" FLAT Mates to standard 5" v-band flange,Garrett GT55/GTX55 housings

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Product Description:

FLAT stainless steel 5" machined v-band weld flange.

Mates to industry standard 5" (use 5" tube) v-band flanges and use 5" standard v-band clamp (actual outer ring is 5.25") to join two of these flanges.

Also mates to most standard turbine housings with 5" v-band (5.25" outer ring) flange such as the Garrett v-band GT55/GTX55 housings.

  • NOT compatible with Garrett GT42 and GT45 series models including a T6 turbine housing. Please purchase Part Number FLS-221
  • For T6 UNDIVIDED Turbine Housing GT55 GT47 GTX47 GTX50 GTX55
  •  Flat face style flange to mate two to each other

Note: Also compatible with Special Version for Stainless SFI Turbine Housing, Use with v-band clamp CLA-022.