HKS EVC6 Easy Writer

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EVC-6 Easy Writer

EasyWriter is the boost pressure setting tool which improves the operability of the EVC. New EVC6 is equipped with the TFT LCD; map

setting can be easily done on the screen on the unit because of the high level of visibility. Using this EasyWriter enable the EVC to connect with the PC,
and setting can be much easier.


Settings can be edited, checked, and confirmed on the PC monitor.


    Bar graph (Boost, Speed, PRM, or Throttle)
    Bar graph peak function setting
    Max Value of bar graph
    Boost set valve
    Map function setting
    Map axis setting
    Boost correction value

    Offset value
    Offset map setting value
    After-image function setting
    Backlight brightness
    Sampling Time
    Drop boost function setting