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RCF strut bar for BMW E30 / M3 1983-91 (for BMW E30 39.5" Chassis / Standard Version)


The Exoticspeed RCF Cross-brace (strut tower bar), the component is made from carbon fiber-reinforced plastic or Carbon for short.The uniqueness of this material lies in the way that it brings together two seemingly contradictory attributes: It is incredibly light weight and yet at the same time extremely rigid.It is this combination which has made carbon absolutely essential to modern racing car design, and which made it the natural choice of material for the Exoticspeed Racing suspension cross-brace.The suspension cross-brace connects the two front suspension strut towers, thereby further stiffening the front of the car.This reduces torsional movement of the bodywork when cornering, and so increases the precision of steering responses. And yet it barely increases overall vehicle weight at all.Hold this incredibly light component in your hand, and you will see for yourself why this material is so highly prized by engineers.

How to measure: 

Measured from center to center (where the shock sticks thru).


  • Position: Front
  • Bracket Material: Aerospace aluminum alloy with CNC Machined
  • Brace Material: Carbon Fiber-reinforced
  • Feature: Anti-abduction strength
  • Strength rate (mm2): 31.50
  • Weight (lbs) : Less than 5
  • Material: Carbon Fiber composite
  • Compatibilities: BMW E30 1983-91 4/6 Cylindar
  • Centre to Centre dimension: Standard version 39.5" / 1002.2MM
  • What is in the box: Strut bar and Promotional


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  • Warranty: One year

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