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"GT FULL TURBINE KIT" that is modified version of GT3240 kit for EVO X SST vehicles.
HKS CZ200S (CZ4A) recorded 59"495 at Tsukuba circuit (with radial street tire.). The kit
brings out the performance in SST. It is the beginning of performance upgrade for EVO X SST

◆ Features
  • The turbine is newly developed GT3240 A/R 0.73.
    Boost level and power drop at high rpm with stock turbine will be solved.
  • SST works to keep power band. With this SST operation, sport driving can be enjoyed even with stock engine. (*1)
  • With upgrading of engine internal parts and fuel parts, performance of Full Turbine Kit will be enhanced. (*2)
  • The turbine is mounted on stock exhaust manifold with heat proof steel adaptor. Because of its rear side exhaust manifold layout, which heat tends to remain there, stainless steel exhaust manifold was not selected for this application. With heat proof steel adaptor, it enables durable and reliable mounting.
  • Front pipe and bypass pipe are designed so that stock catalytic converter can fit to. GT II Wastegate is included.

(*1) SST is strong enough as long as it is used less than the strength limitation of stock engine, which is 53kg-m (519Nm).
Therefore, boost pressure at middle rpm range needs to be kept low to reduce torque with EVC.

(*2) It is recommended to use less than torque 55kg-m (539Nm) even engine internal parts are upgraded.
Due to torque control of SST, engine RPM and vehicle speed may not synchronize well.
With EVC, boost level at middle rpm range needs to be limited to control maximum torque.



Performance Power Torque
HKS GT3240 FTK 502ps / 7500rpm 55.3kg-m / 4600rpm
NORMAL (BOOST UP) 366.9ps / 6700rpm 52.5kg-m / 4000rpm


Specification of the test vehicle

HKS GT3240 F.T.K.
HKS Forged Piston
HKS Prototype Con'rod
HKS Camshaft + VALCON
HKS R-type Intercooler
HKS Racing Suction
HKS 1000cc Injector

HKS Delivery Kit
HKS Silent Hi-Power Muffler
HKS Engine Oil Cooler
HKS SST Fluid Cooler
(Injector and ignition ADP are required)
HKS EVC (Required)

Parts for the kit

Turbine adapter
Front pipe
Chamber pipe
Bypass pipe
Water, oil pipe
Other parts

◆Remarks for installation
  • Torque at middle rpm range needs to be reduced with EVC (45003-AK005 or 45003-AM001).
  • Modification of transfer (shaving) is required.
  • Installation time 8~10 hours.
  • Spark spark plugs need to be upgraded. (M-XL45 is recommended.)
  • Use oil for turbo engine. (15W-50 etc.)
◆Features of SST

Since maximum torque for stock engine needs to be less than 53kgm, it does not exceed torque transfer capacity of SST. For engine with internal upgrade parts, boost level needs to be controlled with EVC so that torque will be limited below clutch limitation in the right graph.

◆Other required parts
  • EVC5 is required for boost control. (rpm correction function is essential)
  • Stock suction can be used but we recommend HKS Racing Suction. (choose 08 or 09 model for your vehicle)
  • R type intercooler or piping kit is essential. (we recommend φ70 full kit 13001-AM006)
  • Please strengthen fuel system and control with F-CONiS or V Pro for your target horsepower.