HKS Circle Earth System - Universal

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2nd Generation earth with HKS unique craft
CIRCLE MAGIC” is the HKS answer for the earth system which enables free layout

If the body energization efficiency bastardize all other electronic parts also bastardize. So Changing the earth cable will restore the energization efficiency and bring out the full capability of the other parts, too.
Unique design and characteristic

    Circle Plate
    By putting the circle plate with battery terminal, you can install up to 24 wires at the necessary place.
    Circle adapter system
    Circle adapter system has 12 connection holes in a concentric fashion which safely and efficiently distribute high-frequency current for better contact and exoergic.
    High quality wire
    8scq gives flexible layout.
    Diameter of 0.12mm X 658 stranded cables of Copper wire delivers efficient high-frequency current.
    Each stranded wire allowable current: 65A
    24 gold coating
    HKS rethink the fundamental concept of earth by high quality copper or gold coating on circle earth system
    More cables can be added to any place with separately sold option part.