GT Coolant reservoir Tank (Large)

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The unburned gas which is toxic can remain in the cylinder head causes carbon and sludge build-up in the intake system and the engine. a normal production engine can be returned and sent to the combustion room along with the mixture with this oil tank. Where as with competition cars the unburned gas let out in the air. This tank will not pollute the air and re-burn the gas and it keeps the engine clean even under hard driving conditions.It is also an excellent engine dress up item, gives it the race car look with the polished aluminum tank.

  • Height (mm):190
  • Tank diameter OD (mm):76
  • Surface finish: Choice of brush or polished
  • Fluid Capacity : 850cc
  • Feature: CNC Machined
  • Material: Light weight aluminum
  • What is in the box: Reservoir tank, Hose, Clamp, bracket, Promotional