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91mm OD V-Band (Tial / 3" GTVB) to 4" Pipe - Machined Transition Piece (Stainless Steel)


Tial or Garrett 91mm OD V-Band flange (w/78mm centering ring) to 4" pipe transition adapter. One piece compact design and machined from 304 Stainless Steel. Use this part to mate to the 91mm OD version of the 3" v-band found on the downpipe side of the Tial Turbine housings and Garrett GT V-band housings (where there is a use of a “lip”). The other end of this machined part tapers outward to weld direct to a 4" tube after a very brief transition.

The ideal solution for fabricating 4" piping with a 3" V-Band flange (Examples: 4” down-pipes, transition pipes, etc.).

* Overall height 0.78 inches
* 91mm OD version of the GT 3” V-Band flange with a 78mm centering ring that works with most Tial and Garrett housings that have a female groove.
* Butt welds directly to 4 inch outer diameter piping.
* 304 stainless steel material, machined and one piece design


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