Standard 3" V-Band (3.75" Flange OD) to 4" Pipe - Machined Transition Piece (Stainless Steel)

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Standard flange adapter size 3" V-Band flange (3.75" OD) to 4" pipe transition adapter. One piece compact design and machined from 304 Stainless Steel. Use this part to bolt to a mating 3" v-band (3.75" outer ring diameter) and the other end tapers outward to weld direct to a 4" tube after a very brief transition.

The ideal solution for fabricating 4" tubes with a 3" V-Band flange (Examples: down-pipes, transition pipes, etc.).

* Overall height 0.78 inches
* 3 inch inner diameter (3.75 outer diameter) V-Band flange
* Compatible with 4 inch outer diameter (3.75 inner diameter) pipes
* 304 stainless steel material, machined and one piece design

Please note that alternatively, Product code: FLS295, is the recommended flange for protruded lip version of the v-band flange with an outer diameter of 91mm and a 78mm centering ring. This flange is commonly found on the Tial GT28/GT30/GT35 and Garrett Ni-Resist GT 3" V-Band turbine housing for the GT30/GT35 series.