Modular Intake Kit 3.0" VW Golf/Jetta/GTI/Audi A3 2.0TFSI Turbo

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3.0” modular intake kit fits FWD 2.0L FSI equipped VW Golf/Jetta/GTI/Audi A3, 304 stainless tubing mandrel bent and electro-polished. 3.0” special CNC machined MAF housing with extensive flow optimization. Billet MAF mounting base and stainless bolts. This system is the only one available for the 2.0L FSI that has been engineerd to use a full 3.0” flow path (for max HP and torque) and will still work properly with any “chipped” or “reflashed” ECU on the vehicle. The kit also utilizes a strategically placed open element filter that is both high flowing and efficient in capturing cold air from the stock air ducting. The kit also comes with a aftermarket diverter valve reroute port for seamless future install of a stronger and more efficient aftermarket diverter valve using this mounting kit sold separately . This mod should be an add-on to any “reflashed’ vehicle that has also been enhanced with an upgraded downpipe. This intake kit will unleash the 2.0FSI engines breathing ability even further and allows the engine to make power to redline without choking up. It replaces the entire stock intake elbow, filter, and airbox assembly including the stock restrictive MAF housing. It’s incredibly easy to install and all parts are supplied. It is also 100% compatible with our upcoming Garrett based turbo upgrade kit and components which are designed to support airflow requirements in excess of 450HP.

Additional Application Notes:
Inhale is as important as exhale!
It is very important to understand that the air inlet tract of the turbo system is as important, if not even more important than the exhaust side of the turbo (which most people pay dear attention to when upping the power on the engine). Just like a free flowing exhaust tract that allows the engine to make more power from freeing up exhaust to flow freely out of the exhaust wheel, the compressor wheel can benefit equally as much when flow impediments are removed on the inlet side. The restrictive (small diameter plastic) stock inlet elbow and airbox design are both major impedents for air inlet flow on the 2.0T FSI engine. Net result is a choking effect on the engine, especially during higher duty on the turbo (where boost is raised via a chip) and high engine RPM. When it comes to inlet flow, the more the better. In fact, the turbo operates best and flows the most (makes the most power) with zero inlet ducting. Many "intake" kits on the market focus purely on the last piece of the puzzle, often an inlet pipe that connects to the stock box, which is the further piece away from the turbo, and therefore, the least critical for flow in the case of the turbo motor. Our inlet system has been designed to truely remove all air resistance where possible on the path to the turbo, and therefore allowing the turbo to truely breathe freely and not hold back to engine under high duty operation. This will also promote quicker spoolup due to less air resistance. When choosing an "intake" or "inlet" system for the turbo engine, consider how much gain in flow am I really getting out of the entire system. Does the system increase flow all the way to the turbo or does it leave "bottlenecks" from the factory untouched? Our system has been designed to optimize flow from start to end, allowing as much air as possible into the turbo....directly.