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Product Warranty & Claim Procedure


Exoticspeed Performance Products, Corp. warrants to original retail purchaser that exoticspeed products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the purchase date on your receipt. Exoticspeed Performance Products will repair or if repairing is not possible, replace the item. Warranty will be voided if the original product has been modified, mishandled, abused, negligence, or involved in accidents. If a claim is started, a return merchandise authorization number (RMA#) will be issued and is required when returning the product for evaluation. Final assessment will be made by Exoticspeed warranty department. *60 days limited warranty on Turbocharger and related kits.


Please read all instructions prior to installation and use. Improper installation or misuse of the product may lead to failure and damage to both product and vehicle. The user assumes all responsibility. For assistance, please contact us. All products are intended for use off public streets and highways. Vehicle manufacture warranty maybe voided should any modification(s) or removal(s) of OEM components are determined. Federal and state law may prohibit the removal, modification or rendering of any device affecting vehicle emissions. It is the users’ responsibility to be aware of federal, state and local laws. User assumes all cost and risks associated with purchase and installation of aftermarket components.


The information you provide is kept confidential and is used to process orders but not limited to sweepstakes, contests, giveaways and other Exoticspeed affiliated promotions. Exoticspeed Performance Products, Corp. does not sell any customer information to 3rd party sources. The information provided is for the sole purpose of Exoticspeed use.


Limited Warranty

Exoticspeed Performance Products warrants to original purchaser with proof of purchase that its goods or merchandise will be free from defect and workmanship for its intended purpose.  This limited warranty shall extend for a period of 365 days (60 days for turbochargers) from the date of purchase on the receipt.  This warranty is limited to repair and replacement without charge and shall only apply to defective part. EXOTICSPEED will not replace a complete kit should a single component is found to be defective.  Limited warranty offer does not cover additional incurred cost such as logistics, labor charges, car storage fee, car rental fee, economic loss, etc.

Limitation and Exclusions

The limited warranty offered by EXOTICSPEED is voided under these conditions: 

  • product has been installed improperly
  • improper or lack of maintenance
  • product has been used for competition
  • wear and tear due to normal usage
  • product has been misused or neglected
  • damaged due to accident
  • damaged from foreign matter
  • modifications have been made or attempted due to no formal means of monitoring product use, each claim will be independent and will vary case by case. 

 The final assessment will be made by a EXOTICSPEED experienced expert in the relative field.


Before filing a claim, please ensure that the problem is not caused by any of the following listed in “Limitations and Exclusions”.

Should an inspection be performed and the product is working properly, customer will be responsible for associated shipping expense. If warranty is granted, the repaired unit or a replacement will be shipped to you accordingly. Please call or email to start a claim.

A warranty must still be eligible within the allotted time frame from the date on the receipt. In all cases please fill out the RMA form and submit this along with proof of purchase. The claim must go through a EXOTICSPEED Authorized Dealer if purchased at any retail outlet.

Any purchases made directly through www.exoticspeed.com should be emailed or faxed with a cover letter to 778-297-5990.

Once a claim form has been submitted please allow 2-3 business days for a confirmation reply along with the return merchandise authorization # (RMA#) which will be issued for your claim. Customer MUST wait for this # prior to returning the merchandise back. This number must be clearly visible on the returning package to ensure proper processing. If not properly identified or associated with RMA#, Exoticspeed has the right to refuse the package and/or will return at customers expensive. Once the warranty claim product arrives, an examination will be conducted to determine coverage of warranty.

If EXOTICSPEED corp. determines the part to be covered under the Limited Warranty, the customer will be notified and a replacement will be shipped out immediately. If the claim is denied, the customer will be notified and reasons for denial will be thoroughly explained. Should there be a dispute in warranty outcome, EXOTICSPEED and customer will make every attempt to resolve the situation amicably.


Turbo warranty claim must be filed within 60 days from the invoice date. Please see "Claim Procedure" for details. Turbo rebuild is a service offered by EXOTICSPEED. Please call for inquiries and to be issued RMA# prior to sending in the turbo.

An inspection will be conducted to assess the repair. Should the turbo be non-repairable, a $75 inspection fee will be charged and will be returned at the owner’s expense. If you choose to rebuild the turbo, the $75 inspection fee will be waived. The cost for rebuild will vary depending on parts and labor. Customer will be notified before any work will be conducted.

When sending in the turbo, please be sure to reference RMA# on the box to assure proper handling. Once turbo has been received, the customer will be notified and inspection/rebuild process will begin.

** No representative or distributor of EXOTICSPEED is authorized to change or alter this limited warranty. Any alterations must be done through a written consent signed by an authorized manager of EXOTICSPEED CORP.