-4AN Oil Inlet Restrictor (0.065") - For T3, T4, GT37, GT40, GT42, GT45, GTX50, GTX55

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-4AN male flare Oil Inlet restrictor (0.065" port) to 1/8" NPT male fitting. Designed for Garrett T3, T3/T4, T4, GT37, GT40, GTX40, GT42, GTX42, GT45, GTX45, GT47, GTX47, GTX50, GT50, and GTX55 series turbochargers.

** NOTE: Compatible turbochargers WITHOUT 1/8" NPT threaded oil feed port require oil feed flange PN: FLA008.

  • (1 unit) -4AN Oil Inlet Restrictor (0.065")

  • PRODUCT COMPATIBILITY (with 1/8" NPT Threaded Oil Feed Port):
  • T3, T3/T4, T4
  • GT journal bearing GT32, GT4088, GT4294, GT4202, GT4708, GT4718
  • GT3788R
  • GT40/GTX40, including GT4088R, GTX4088R, GT4094R
  • GT42/GTX42, including GT4294R (GT42R), GTX4294R, GT4202R (GT42RS), GTX4202R
  • GT45/GTX45, including GT4508R, GTX4502R, GTX4508R
  • GT47/GTX47, including GT4708R, GTX4708R, GT4718R, GTX4718R
  • GTX5008R, GTX5018R
  • GT55/GTX55, including GT5518R, GTX5518R, GT5533R, GTX5533R, GEN2GTX5533R

  • SAMPLE PRODUCT CONFIGURATION (Garrett Turbo WITHOUT threaded oil feed port):
  • (1 unit) -4AN Oil Inlet Restrictor
  • (1 unit) Oil Inlet Flange,PN: FLA008
  • (1 unit) Oil Inlet Gasket, PN: GSK011
  • (2 units) Fasteners (Button Head Option), PN: FST034