R1-T Exhaust Nissan 350Z 2003-2008

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The R1-T systems is beautifully crafted with highest quality standard and most durable stainless material which mostly found on high end exotic cars, including stunning Ti - SUS muffler,resonator and tailpipes, larger tubes, and optimized gas flow and back pressure, R1-T unleashes additional power and improves the torque and responsiveness. Exoticspeed state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions provide an exciting exhaust system with unlimited tuning potential. Engineers have spent countless hours fine-tuning and sweat on every detail, eliminating the unwanted drone effect, to give you that enjoyable deep sporty sound through all revs.

  • Material: SUS304+Ti
  • Pipe finished: Polished
  • Pipe Diameter (mm): 76 Primary converted to 63 dual
  • Tip Diameter (mm): 100
  • Resonator : Default
  • Resonator Pipe ID: 76
  • Muffler Pipe ID (mm): 63


  • GT

System is designed For Street and Track / resonated system with Lightweight GT muffler, Comfortable with cruising speed and Suitable for street and highway driving / aggressive GT sounding at the high RPM and improves lower RPM torque

  • GT-S

System is designed For Motorsports and Track / High flow Resonated system with Lightweight GT muffler, extremely aggressive GT sounding and improves Mid-higher RPM torque / Perfect for turbocharged.


Incompatible with Stock Rear Sway Bar option

What is in the box:
  • Rear Muffler
  • Tail pipes
  • Center pipe
  • Gaskets/Bolts Hardware kit
  • Promotional
Lead time: 8-12 weeks