GReddy Ball Shape, Brushed Shift Knob - B415

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Optimized for ergonomic comfort and weighted for driving feel GReddy 304 stainless steel shift knobs come in two distinct styles and a third surface finish. And all have CNC'd GReddy logo on top.

The sphere shaped Ball design measures 45mm in diameter with a 10mm tall, 25mm dia. base. The material, size and shape allows this compact shift knob to weigh 415g (.915lbs) This benefits the driving feel by counter-weighting the shifter.

Each GReddy CNC Stainless Shift Knob is offered in 3 of the most common thread sizes to suit most Japanese manual transmission shifters. Compatible with 5 and 6 speeds with various gate patterns.

Raw Brushed "hairline" Finish

Select Size and Thread Pitch for Vehicle Make:

   M12 x P1.25 - most Toy, Sub
   M10 x P1.25 - most Nis, Mit, Maz
   M10 x P1.5 - most Hon