Garrett Twin Turbo Upgrade for the 2010 and newer Taurus SHO 3.5L ecoboost

  • $2,495.00 USD
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Stock Turbine
-Wheel Inducer: 40mm
-Wheel Exducer: 34.5mm

Stock Compressor
-Wheel Inducer: 36.3mm
-Wheel Exducer: 49mm

Upgraded +2 Turbine
-Wheel Inducer: 50mm
-Wheel Exducer: 43.5mm
-Range: New Series Garrett GT Journal Bearing

Upgraded +2 Compressor
-Wheel Inducer: 43.4mm
-Wheel Exducer: 56mm
-Range: New Series Garrett GT Journal Bearing

Twin turbo upgrade, direct bolt-on stock location. +2 size Garrett flows 200-250HP more than stock turbos. Remachined stock end housings. All new Garrett CHRA (Center Housing Rotating Assembly). Core exchange required.

Application Notes
- One coolant/water line requires minor trimming to install provided steel braided line.