Special Turbine Housing GT/GTX30 T3 Inlet, Cast 44mm EWG Port

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Special turbine housing, T3 Inlet, GT28 Style 5 bolt outlet, and cast 44mm flanged External wastegate port. Available for Garrett GT30 (60mm turbine wheel), GTX30, and GEN2 GTX30 series models. 

Turbine Housing offers FULL T3 flow! Based on GT30 geometry and the .72 A/R is between .63 and .82 A/R GT30R. 
Available in .72 A/R only. 

Not for Ford Style

- GT3071R (60mm turbine wheel) 
- GT3076R (60mm turbine wheel) 
- GT3082R 
- GTX3067R 
- GTX3071R and GEN2 GTX3071R 
- GTX3076R and GEN2 GTX3076R