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Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R 2009-on Pandem R35 GT-R Wide-Body Aero Kit


Nissan GT-R  

TRA Kyoto Designed   
Pandem Wide-body Aero Kit  (FULL)  

17020600  Pandem R35 Full Widebody Aero Kit (FRP) w/o wing $13,550.00
17020601  Pandem R35 Full Widebody Aero Kit (Dry Carbon) without wing* $16,150.00
17020612  + Optional Pandem Duck-tail Wing $1,400.00
17020613  + Optional Pandem (FRP) GT Wing $2,800.00
17020614  + Optional Pandem (Dry Carbon) GT Wing * $4,800.00

17020603  Front Lip (FRP) $1,800.00
17020604  -  Front Lip (Dry Carbon) only * $2,800.00
17020602  Front Bumper (must use front overfender) only $2,800.00 
17020605  Front Over Fenders (does not include front extenstions) only $2,400.00
17020606  Rear Over Fenders only  $2,400.00
17020607 Pandem R35 Side Skirts (FRP) only $1,200.00
17020608 - Pandem R35 Side Skirts (Dry Carbon) only * $2,000.00
17020609 Pandem R35 Rear Side Diffuser (FRP) only $1,400.00
17020610 - Pandem R35 Rear Side Diffuser (Dry Carbon) only * $2,200.00
17020611 Pandem R35 Rear Center Diffuser (FRP) only $1,400.00 


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  • Warranty: One year

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