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High Flow Cast Up-pipe for 1.8T FWD Golf/Jetta/Beetle/TT


High flow cast up-pipe for 1.8T FWD Golf/Jetta/Beetle/TT. Same part used in the E2 (eliminator 2 transverse kit). Bolts to stock exhaust manifold and converts K03 flange to T25 flange in order to drive popular turbos such as Garrett GT25R, GT28R, GT28RS, GT2871R, GT3071R-WG (with compact comp housing).

This uppipe places the turbo strategically higher in the engine bay to allow proper clearance for seamless installation of a free flowing inlet pipe that connects the turbo inlet to the factory air box, as well as ability to retain an existing stock ( stock K03 flanged ) downpipe and exhaust system which you may already own, when intermediate downpipe (shown in picture) is added.

Fully compatible with all typical Left Hand Drive vehicles as well as Right Hand Drive vehicles listed. Convenient placement of turbo allows off the shelf Garrett GT turbos to be used with stock exhaust manifold or high flow stock location manifold(VVW157 ) with easy access and straight forward installation.

Used in the soon to be released "Eliminator2 Kit", this uppipe takes the turbo away from the original factory placement where space is already way too tight to grow the size of the turbo and inlet pipe. Some additional benefits of this new setup is there is no need to alter the shifter brackets to make room for a 3" inlet pipe and vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions can now use the Eliminator series. Complete Eliminator2 kit to be released soon using this uppipe.


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