GReddy Racing Short M12 X P1.25Black Anodized Lug Nuts Most Nissan & late-model Subaru

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GReddy Racing Lug Nuts are lightweight, high grade, hard-anodized, precision CNC 7075 aluminum alloy lug nuts. These metric lug nuts are available in most popular M12xP1.25 or M12xP1.5 threads. The are designed with a 60 degree tapered cone seat specifically for aftermarket wheel applications.  The fasteners feature a knurled tip. This detail is ideal for starting the threads by hand and reducing the chances of stripped threads. The GReddy Racing Lug Nuts fit 19mm sockets and have an overall width diameter of 25mm. The durable, hard anodized black finish is accented by a laser-etched GReddy logo with thread size on the side and finished off with the GReddy Racing GR logo on the cap. Packaged in sets of 4, makes it easy to order 4 packs for 4-lug bolt patterns and 5 packs for 5-lug bolt patterns.

Most Nissan & late-model Subaru Short M12 X P1.25
Black Anodized Lug Nuts (4)
Item: Most Nissan & late-model Subaru
Type: Short
Size: M12 X P1.25
Lightweight GReddy Racing Lug Nuts (4pcs)

Color: Annodized Black
Type: Closed end
Legnth: Short (40mm)
Diameter: 25mm
Material: 7075 Aluminum alloy
Weight (1) : 24.95 grams
Socket Size: 19mm
Seat: 60 degree cone (for aftermarket wheel types)
Markings: Laser etched GReddy M12xP1.25 side / GReddy Racing GR cap
- Knurled tip for starting threads by hand and reducing chance of stripping threads.

* Vehicles with wheels that have 4 lug nuts per wheel, will require 4 sets (16pcs.)
* Vehicles with wheels that have 5 lug nuts per wheel, will require 5 sets (20pcs.)

Also fits Scion FR-S and some early model Honda
Part #: 14401320