GEN2 - GTX2860R 1.8T Audi/Passat Longitudinal Hardware Kit (1997-2005)

GEN2 - GTX2860R 1.8T Audi/Passat Longitudinal Hardware Kit (1997-2005)

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Garrett GEN2 GTX2860R hardware kit for Audi / Passat 1.8T Longitudinal vehicles (1997 to 2005 Audi A4, Volkswagen Passat, etc.). Capable of supporting over 450HP!

  • Precision Cast High Flow Turbo Manifold with T25 flange pattern.
  • Garrett Dual Ball Bearing GEN2 GTX2807R Turbocharger assembly.
  • Internal wastegate assembly with 12-14PSI base spring actuator.
  • 3.00” V-band Discharge Module
  • 3.00” Stainless V-band downpipe assembly.
  • Inlet Pipe with T-bolt Clamps and silicone connectors.
  • Custom CNC machined oil inlet/outlet fittings with oil control.
  • Steel braided oil feed and return line assemblies.
  • Custom CNC machined coolant fittings with AN style discharge/return.
  • Steel braided, pre-assembled coolant line assemblies.
  • All hardware and comprehensive installation diagram

  • IMPORTANT NOTES: This kit does NOT include Software / ECU Modification or any fuel components. A front mounted intercooler kit is highly recommended. Using the kit with a stock mounted intercooler requires minor fabrication of the short section pipe connected to the turbo compressor outlet.

    This kit deletes most emissions related devices such as:
  • Crankcase breather recirculation (Breather filter or catch can used)
  • Atmospheric BOV - (ATP BOV w/Anti-stall option recommended)
  • Secondary air injection pump
  • Stock cat (replaced by 3" highflow stainless downpipe)
  • Drop-in replacement 3" cat will be available to swap out with 3" downpipe @ v-band connection

  • With a good exhaust system, 300WHP is achievable on modest boost levels and pump gas. Test results with a drop-in upgrade fuel pump and 2.5" exhaust netted nearly 350WHP.