Garrett GTX3584RS (with T4 Divided 1.06 A/R Turbine Housing & V-Band Outlet Compressor Housing)

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T4 Divided Inlet, 3" V-Band Outlet, and 1.06 A/R Turbine Housing for GTX3584RS

Garrett GTX3584RS dual ball bearing turbocharger, including V-Band compressor outlet housing; and a T4 Divided Inlet, 3" V-band outlet, and 1.06 A/R turbine housing.

The Garrett GTX3584RS combines an advanced aerodynamic GEN2 billet compressor wheel and ultra high flow "RS" turbine wheel within compact design housings to support 1,000HP!

** V-Band Outlet Compressor Housing. Hose Bead Outlet Compressor Housing available as part number 846098-5001S

* The Garrett "GT" 3 Inch V-band flange has a 81mm diameter recessed lip (inward groove).
* This flange includes a protruded lip and 81mm diameter centering ring which fits into the Garrett "GT" 3 Inch V-Band Flange.
* This flange has a 3.55" (90mm) diameter outer ring.


  • Advanced aerodynamics Garrett GTX GEN2 billet aluminum compressor wheel
  • Ultra high flow "RS" blade profile turbine wheel
  • Dual ball bearing CHRA rotating assembly
  • Compact package capable of 1,000HP

  • Compressor Wheel Inducer: 67mm
  • Compressor Wheel Exducer: 84mm
  • Compressor Wheel Trim: 64
  • Compressor Housing A/R: 0.72
  • Compressor Housing Inlet: 4 inch diameter
  • Compressor Housing Outlet: V-Band Flange
  • Turbine Wheel Inducer: 68mm
  • Turbine Wheel Exducer: 62mm
  • Turbine Wheel Trim: 84

  • T4 Divided Inlet
  • 3 Inch V-Band Outlet
  • 1.06 A/R