Garrett GTX3067R (special) Turbo

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New GTX3067R dual ball bearing turbo with ultra high flow compressor wheel featuring Garrett 11-Blade technology and a very optimized wheel ratio . Turbine Housing is sold separately and is the same as one used on GT/GTX30 series 60mm 84 trim turbine wheel. GTX turbos use same turbine housing as GT turbos and turbine housings are sold separately. The external dimensions of this turbo is the same as a base GT2871R so no changes in the engine bay is required in order to fit this turbo in its place. This GTX model also uses all the same oil and coolant fittings at the standard GT28/GT30R/GT35R turbo. Compressor housing is GT28 style with 3" inlet and 2" outlet but has built in anti-surge machining. Actuator and bracket sold separately