Garrett GT3076R-WG-C10 Ball Bearing Turbo

Garrett GT3076R-WG-C10 Ball Bearing Turbo

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Turbocharger - Compact GT3076R with same external frame to replace GT28RS or GT2871R.

-Wheel: 56.5mm w/ 84 trim
-Housing: 0.64 or .86 A/R T25 flanged with GT28 5 bolt exit
-Internally Wastegated

-Wheel: 76mm w/ 48 trim
-Housing: .60 a/r
-Inlet: 3" -outlet: 2"

Specify .64 or .86 A/R Internally Wastegated T25 (GT28) style exhaust housing. Compressor wheel is 76mm 48 trim and turbine wheel is 56.5mm 84 trim. Garrett CHRA is 700177-5010. Compressor housing inlet is 3" and outlet is 2". Externally looks identical to GT28RS/GT2871R. Excellent choice for a very responsive 425HP capable turbo in a compact package.