GARRETT GT3071R-WG Volvo C30 ( MKII Focus ST225 ) NSL 400HP+

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A 400+ HP capable GT3071R-WG for the Volvo C30 / MKII Focus ST225, NSL (Near Stock Location) Internally wastegated V-band Turbo and Manifold.

The Garrett GT3071R-WG is a Dual Ball Bearing turbo unit that is capable making GT30 level HP but is known to spool like a GT28. This particular flavor runs the 71mm 56 trim compressor along with the 56.5mm turbine wheel coupled to the internally gated .86 A/R turbine housing to allow the engine to exhale well and make the big power seamlessly without choking up. Compressor housing inlet is 3" hose connection which allows an abundance of airflow to be channeled into the compressor. Compressor housing outlet is 2" hose connection.

This turbo and manifold combo is the first step in achieving your BIG HP goals on the awesome T5 engine platform.

Application Notes: No other installation hardware other than those pictured are included. Turbo is placed as close as possible to the factory stock location for ease of plumbing. However, additional parts and custom plumbing work is required to complete a "turbo kit" as ONLY the turbo and manifold as pictured are included along with the internal wastegate. The turbo uses V-band Connections for added reliability and ease of fabrication (ie. a common 3" V-band flange can be used to construct a mating downpipe).