Garrett GT2860R Journal bearing turbo Nissan Skyline GTR

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Journal Bearing GT2860R turbo assembly with T25 style turbine inlet. Comes with internally wastegated style T25 turbine housing that is unique and same as Skyline style (tapped turbine inlet holes, unique turbine discharge pattern, and low profile housing neck) and Skyline style compressor housing with 2 bolt inlet and 2 bolt outlet.
Includes wastegate actuator bracket and actuator from the factory (also unique to this turbo).

This turbo is great for small displacement engines up to 2.2L and has the ultimate spool up time compared to other units. This turbo has a flow capacity of about 300HP. The external packaging of this turbo can be similar to that of the stock twin turbo Skyline engines but internally the wheels are much larger for a higher HP capcity to used as upgrades.

-Wheel: 53mm
-Housing: .64 ar

-Wheel: 60mm w/ 62 trim
-Housing: .60 ar (2 bolt inlet and 2 bolt outlet)


Applicable Garrett P/N's:


Nismo upgrade turbo P/N 14411-06U00