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Garrett Factory Journal Bearing CHRA, T3/T4E, STAGE3 TURBINE WHEEL


CHRA - Garrett T3/T4E JOURNAL BEARING, Stage III turbine wheel, select comp. Trim, 50 trim, 57 trim, or 60 Trim. 
This is essentially a brand new turbo but without the end housings (Turbine housing and compressor housing). 
This is the quickest and most reliable way to "rebuild" your turbo and make it "as new" again. 
The "CHRA" is a Center Housing Rotating Assembly which is a Garrett Factory assembled and balanced "unit" consisting of a NEW Bearing housing along with all new internal parts to the turbo such as, turbine wheel/shaft, compressor wheel, entire bearing system, and seals, etc. 
You simply buy the NEW CHRA that matches the wheel combo that you're currently using, then simply transfer your current housings by unbolting it via the 6 bolts that hold the housing on to each end of the bearing housing. 

Reference for Garrett shelf T3/T4E turbos: 
50 TRIM IS: 
466159-5011S OR 445074-0057 
57 TRIM IS: 
466159-5003S OR 466159-5005S OR 445074-0032 
60 TRIM IS: 
466159-5004S OR 466159-5008S OR 445074-0033 


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