Garrett Bolt On Turbo Kit for Mazdaspeed3 (2007 thru 2014)

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bolt on turbo kit for Mazdaspeed 3. Garrett GT2860RS to GT3582R turbo with proprietary exhaust housing and internal wastegate all ready to bolt up to Mazdaspeed3 exhaust manifold and downpipe. Includes all coolant and oil connections to connect turbo to factory lines. Turbo is efficient up to 20-21 psi on the MS3 2.3L turbo engine and can produce over 350 to 600 crank HP as configured with supporting mods and proper tuning. Does not include 3" inlet pipe and 3" downpipe necessary to complete a "kit" in order maximize the turbo. The GT2860RS  to GT3582R is very responsive on the 2.3L turbo engine and is very commonly used for best all around power up to 350HP to 600HP. Highly recommended for a very broad power band with a lot of "area under the curve" default at 1 bar boost actuator.